• An automatic unit for surfacing cutting chains with diamond tip tools. Tooling can be spindle or wheel. The built in programming feature allows an infinite array of shapes, and characters to be designed onto a chains surface.
    The unit works at a high speed thanks to a high precision mechanical positioning system which guarantees rapid and precise movements. The resulting surface is excellently finished since the cutting action is had through an angled action so as to gradually cut into the surface of the link and not directly. This cutting action also minimises the cutting force involved thus prolonging tool life. Characters can be programmed thru the units user friendly control panel, or uploaded from a PC cad file (future upgrade).



  • Technical features
    Machine speed (based on 0.60 Valentino chain)
    4 point star70/min
    6 point star  60/min
    8 point star 50/min
    12 point star40/min
    Double cross XX 52/min
    Hash #48/min
    Number of sequential figures 30
    Cutting depth30 mm
    Maximum chain width30 mm
    Cutting tools Wheel & Spindle
    Technical data
    Voltage (single phase) 230 V 50 Hz
    Power1.8 kW
    Compressed air lt./min (dry) at 6 bar
    Dimensions82 x 61 x 170(h) cm – 215 kg cm
    packing103 x 73 x 187 (h) cm

  • Download Technical File