• Revolutionary new Foxtail chain machine with zero scrap wastage. Instead of traditional manufacturing strip, and scrapping up to 60% in production, the new WFT is fed round wire, thus transforming 100% of the wire into soft Foxtail chain. Also processes hollow aggraffato wire for the lowest weights possible, (typically less than half of traditional foxtail). Links are laser soldered on board. Since no punching is involved, there are no sharp edges, no punch/matrix maintenance to carry out. Small compact machine, no need for typical furnace. Optic fibres control multiple synchronised brushless motors which carry out the delicate positioning, weaving & soldering of the links, while heavy duty mechanical cams and levers cut, form, shape and calibrate each single link for maximum brilliance, shine and efficiency. Complete with newly engineered miniaturised laser focussing scope for precision soldering even at high speeds. Designed with the needs of the operator in mind, the wire to chain process is designed in separate easy to maintain removable section blocks, for rapid adjustments and tooling changes. All main functions are on the same horizontal plane, easing inspection of all phases Full touch screen control and modem Industry 4.0 hookup capabilities for remote assistance. Industry 4.0 ready
  • Technical features
    Max. production speed60 links/min
    Wire Ø0.20 – 0.70 mm
    Technical data
    Voltage (single phase) 230 V 50/60 Hz
    Power1.80 kW
    Compressed air1 l/min (filtered) at 7 bar
    Dimensions98 x 70 x 168 (h) cm – 245 kg
    packing90 x 85 x 193 (h) cm – 360 kg
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