• A semi automatic machine which cuts out and stamps (with your hallmark) an end cap which is then automatically electrically soldered to the chain tips. The machine is fed flat strip on reels and the operator manually inserts the already cut chain to size. He simply pushes a button and the MTSF2 sees to punching out the end cap, folding it, and electrically soldering it to the chain with an adjustable surge of electrical current.
    The punching section of the machine is the popular PS1 5 ton press which has been adapted to run the full cycle including soldering of the clip to the chain.
    The unit comes complete with a programmable piece counter stopping the unit once reaching the number of pieces required. The unit is also able to process chains in 24 kt.


  • Technical features
    Strip width (max.)40 mm
    Feeding pitch (max.)28 mm
    Production speed500 welds/h
    Press speed600 strokes/min
    Press power5 Tons
    Technical data
    Voltage (twinphase)400 V 50/60 Hz
    Power2.1 kW
    Compressed air8 lt./min (dry) at 6 bar
    Dimensions88 x 72 x 165(h) cm – 320 kg
    Packing106 x 73 x 176(h) cm – 430 kg

  • Download Technical File