• A fully automatic machine which cuts out and stamps (with your hallmark) an end cap which is then automatically electrically soldered to the chain tips. The machine is fed the chain & flat strip on reels. The operator simply programs into the memory bank the various lengths and quantities of chains required.
    The machine then sees to measuring and cutting the chain to the required lengths as well as punching out the end cap, folding it, and electrically soldering it to the chain with an adjustable surge of electrical current. Up to 99 different chain profiles can be memorised. The cutting of the chain is carried out at the knot between the links, thus even the half links are used, reducing the scrap to virtually nothing.
    Being developed vertically, the unit uses minimum floor space for its operations. The unit is also able to process chains in 24 kt.


  • Technical features
    Max. production speed 7-9 chains/min (14-18 welds/m
    Max. endcap size24 mm x 10 mm
    Chain length min – max100 – 585 mm
    Chain width max10 mm
    Punching cutting power2.2 Ton
    Technical data
    Voltage (three phase)400 V 50/60 Hz
    Power3,2 kW
    Compressed air70 l/min (filtered) at 7 bar
    Dimensions91 x 140 x 255(h) cm – 596 kg
    Packing110 x 160 x 240 (h) cm – 790 kg

  • Download Technical File