• An automatic limbering unit for flat hammered chains. Able to limber chains having a wire Ø of 0.18 to 2.5 mm. The machine is furnished complete with one set of rollers. A twin set of motors (controlled in parallel) see to the drawing and feeding of the chain to the limbering section.
    The limbering section itself is composed of a set of 3 pairs of rollers, which are fixed along a twisted plane. This causes the chain to also twist along the same plane during the limbering process, thus removing any signs of natural twisting of the chain itself (a phenomenon which occurs during hammering). The 3 sets of rollers are close up to each other so that the chain can be well limbered even around a small angle. The unit is able to process up to 24 kt.


  • Technical features
    Production speed 5 m/min
    Chain wire Ø 0.18 – 2.50 mm
    Technical data
    Voltage 230 V 50/60 Hz
    Power 0.80 kW
    Dimensions 100 x 42 x 56(h) cm – 52 kg
    packing 112 x 51 x 70(h) cm – 82 kg

  • Download Technical File