• The PB2 automatic hammering press is more than just a hammering unit. Thanks to the unique design, and conception, the machine actually moulds the piece it is processing to a new form and internal structure. This gives the hammered material a perfectly uniform structure. The hammering process has an accuracy of 0.01 mm thus greatly improving production  efficiency, in that less material will have to be removed in surfacing procedures. The perfect finish of the hammered surface and the absence of lateral trimmings allow to reduce process time to an absolute minimum.



  • Technical features
    Press power150 Tons
    Feed pitchup to 10 mm
    Process width25 mm
    Production speedup to 400 strokes per minute
    Technical data
    Voltage supply (three phase)400 V AC 50 Hz
    Power supply16 kW
    Air supply2 l for each work cycle at 6 bar
    Water supply300 l/h at 5 bar and 16 – 24 °C
    Dimensions190 x 145 x 180(h) cm – 2,200 kg
    packing press 137 x 139 x 207(h) cm – 2215 kg
    control panel 153 x 75 x 124(h) cm – 301 kg

  • Download Technical File