• This machine is used for inserting a punched/sliced blanks of any shape into the links of a cable or curb chain. The unit is fed a cable (or certain types of curb) chain and a flat ribbon or round wire from which the blank is obtained. The blank can be punched out of the flat ribbon, or sliced off a round wire. The machine automatically punches out/slices the blank and fits it into the desired chain link respecting a sequence programmed by the operator. It is able to work fixed and alternate (figaro) pitch chains.


  • Technical features
    Max. production speed 80 links/min
    Max. feeding pitch 19 mm (or 21 mm)
    Wire Ø from 0.50 to 1.50 mm
    Punched ribbon Sliced wire Ø up to 4 mm
    Technical data 
    Voltage (single phase) 230 V 50/60 Hz
    Power 1 kW
    Compressed air 20 l/min (filtered) at 6 bar
    Dimensions 53 x 62 x 175(h) cm – 178 kg

  • Download Technical File