• Automated and compact machine for faceting chains and chain ornaments. Fully programmable with 14 controlled axis allowing full flexibility of design cuts. Can be equipped with 2 fully independent easily changeable diamond mills, or spindles, (or a combination of both). Mills and spindles have rapid changeover connectors. It assures the highest speed productivity in its range of machines. The cutting wheels guarantee an elevated cutting speed giving maximum cutting efficiency and quality as well as maximum durability of the cutting diamonds. Optic fibres handle communication between the PLC and the synchronised brushless motors, which allow micrometric precision in positioning and speed. Chain positioning is fully mechanical, guaranteeing perfect positioning, as well as automatic pitch error recovery, along with the fastest speed possible All aspects of operator control are interfaced with a full touch screen control panel with program memorization capabilities as well as modem connection capabilities for remote assistance.
    Industry 4.0 ready


  • Technical featuresSFM
    Max. production speed20 – 30 links/min*
    Cutting speed1900 m/min/min
    Cutting wheels2
    Max. chain Ø5.0 mm
    Technical data
    Voltage (single phase)230 V 50/60 Hz
    Power4.50 kW
    Compressed air 50 l/min (filtered) at 7 bar
    Dimensions125 x 110 x 180 (h) cm – 405 kg
    Packing135 x 120 x 200 (h) cm – 525 kg

    * speed depends solely on chain configuration
    Note. The above data, features and characteristics are not binding. CIEMMEO s.r.l. retains the right to vary them at
    any time without prior notice

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