• Automatic unit for soldering in parallel multiple rows of chains simultaneously. It is even able to cut out patterns which have been programmed by the operator. It selectively solders, cuts or marks the links with the use of a multiple shot laser. It is equipped with a fully programmable microprocessor controlled control panel which allows an almost infinite series of designs on the chains. Through the use of dedicated software the machine communicates with any PC for programming, storage and downloading programs.
    Soldering is carried out using a very sophisticated laser unit at up to 400 shots per minute, producing a quality enhanced product. Laser soldering signifies high efficiency, low maintenance, reliability and ease of use.


  • Technical features
    Max. production speed400 links/min
    Max. process chain width30 mm
    Wire Øfrom 0.20 to 2.00 mm
    Technical data
    Voltage (single phase)230 V 50/60 HZ
    Power0.15 kW
    Compressed air35 l/min (filtered) at 6 bar
    Argon gas 5 l/min at 0.5 bar
    Dimensions80 x 52 x 169 (h)cm – 83 kg
    Packing185 x 72 x 78 (h) cm – 60 kg

    Can easily process any kt gold.

  • Download Technical File