• Operator managed, stand alone bead counting and stringing system.
    Automatically counts and threads beads onto a waiting rod.
    Beads are loaded into the top hopper equipped with rotational agitator which sees to feeding them one by one into the loading station where they are turned over until threaded onto the loading pin. At this point the beads are counted into pre-programmed lots and discharged onto the threading rod.
    The various settings for each work cycle is set via a touchscreen controlled PLC. All moving parts are pneumatic Once having reached the set number of beads, the machine stops the work cycle, and allows the easy removal of the threading rod with all of the beads

  • Technical features
    Machine speedup to 70 beads/min
    Beads Ø 3 – 5 mm
    Bead hole Ø (min)  1,00 mm.
    Technical data
    Voltage (single phase) 230 V 50/60 Hz
    Power200 W
    Compressed air 30 l/min at 6 bar
    Dimensions 42 x 32 x 177(h) cm – 80 kg

  • Download Technical File