• The most flexible chain machine around which no chain company should be without. The unit is fully programmable, no cams to adjust no belts to change, no mechanical settings to carry out. Just type into the keyboard all of the necessary parameters, or just recall an existing program from the machines memory bank, and you are ready to produce really fancy chains. The machines memory bank is limitless since it can be connected to any personal computer for mass program storage. The basic functions of the machine are twisting, stretching, and compressing. One at a time or simultaneously, giving complete manipulation of chains of various types and sizes. The only machine of its kind with motorised clamps for precise chain handling. Experiment new shapes and forms, your only limit is your imagination. Works perfectly also on hollow chains. The end result can also be machine made handmade looking chains The unit can indifferently produce left or right twisted chains, do alternated chains, etc. Comes complete with its own software package.


  • Technical features
    Machine speed up to 99 cycles/min.
    Feeding pitch 120 mm max.
    Chain width 7 mm max.
    Wire Ø 0.20 – 1.20 mm (at ideal link proportion)
    Technical data
    Voltage (threephase) 400 V 50/60 Hz
    Power 5 kW
    Dimensions 70 x 85 x 196 (h) cm – 245 kg
    packing 93 x 184 x 80 (h) 320 kg

  • FG2 – Chain manipulation machine

    Download Technical File