• A simple machine used for wrapping a flat strip of wire around a circular core. The core can be of various materials, (not necessarily metallic). The flat strip is wound around the core creating a spiral based on the width of the strip. The same unit can also wrap a round wire around the core, as well as wrap multiple strips/wires in different colors simultaneously.


  • Technical features
    Wrapping speed 450 rpm
    Chain Ø (min.)0.55 mm
    Chain Ø (max.) 6.0 mm
    Technical data
    Voltage (singlephase) 230 V 50/60 Hz
    Power 0.55 kW
    Compressed air 10 l/min (filtered) at 4 bar
    Dimensions Packing 86 x 43 x 195 (h) cm

  • Download Technical File