• Automated and compact machine for drilling and/or calibrating threading holes of beads and balls . fully programmable with 4 controlled axis allowing full functionality and speed. It assures the highest speed productivity in its range of machines. Optic fibres handle communication between the PLC and the synchronised brushless motors, which allow micrometric precision in positioning and speed.

    Bead feeding and handling is fully mechanical, guaranteeing perfect positioning, along with the fastest speed possible. Beads are fed through a rotating hopper, channelled to a standby station, then positioned in the drilling position via suction. Once processed, the bead is blown into containment receptacle. All scrap is recovered either in the work area or aspirated with optional vacuum unit.

    All aspects of operator control are interfaced with a full touch screen control panel with program memorization capabilities as well as optional modem connection capabilities for remote assistance.

  • Technical features
    Max. production speed 20 – 30 beads/min* 
    Drilling speed  6000 rpm 
    Drilling stations 2
    Bead Ø 2 – 10 mm 
    Technical data
    Voltage  (single phase)  230 V 50/60 Hz 
    Power1.80 kW 
    Compressed air 1 lt./min (dry) 50 l/min (filtered) at 7 bar
    Dimensions72 x 82 x 175 (h) cm – 246 kg 
    packing103 x 86 x 198 (h) cm – 370 kg 


    The above data, features and characteristics are not binding. CIEMMEO s.r.l. retains the right to vary them at any time without prior notice

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