• Fast and highly productive Rotary Braiding machine specially designed for extremely light and strong round chains. Able to simultaneously braid upto 16 flat strips or round wire (strands) into a predetermined size tube or cage. Strips can be of different colors or finishings. Any amount of strands may be used (up to a max. of 16) to create  different braid textures. Braid inclination angle and drawing speed are manually adjustable. Indifferently braids strands into cored or empty tubes, the machine is complete with an external spool for applying core wire, as well as an automatic winder for take up of the finished braid. Optional alternate pitch attachment available which can vary the pitch of the braid uniformly within the same piece of chain.


  • Technical features
    Rotation speed 150 rpm
    Production speed0.5 m/min
    Strand dimensionsmm
    Braided tube dimensions Ø (max) 6 mm
    Technical data
    Voltage 230 V
    Power 700 W
    Compressed air (only for alternate pitch group) 1 l/h at 6 bar
    Dimensions 120 x 48 x 158(h)cm – 282 kg
    Packing 110 x 70 x 160(h)cm – 380 kg

  • Download Technical File