• The most innovative ice lathe available. This state of the art ice lathe revolutionizes the concept of ice lathes. The TG6 takes advantage of the most advanced electronic and computer technology to automate the work cycle. thanks to the new technologies used the precision is now measured by the micron(µm) . A complete new onboard refrigeration system allows automatic rapid icing and thawing. The new tool head has a total of 9 tools which are changed automatically according to the pre- set program.
    Up to three diamond tools work simultaneously, removing three times as much material per pass, and there is no downtime due to empty passes. Each type of work cycle can be programmed into the on board computer via a touch screen panel.
    When needed a preprogrammed work cycle is called up and starts automatically. The unique internal design allows for a complete recovery of the gold dust. Any defect in the drums (or chain’s) surface can also be programmed into the machine so that the tool head follows the profile of the drum (or chain), thus prolonging the drums work life (and drastically reducing scrap).
    Up to 9 different sets of chains (with different process programs) can be loaded onto the drum per single icing session, ideal for small sets of sample chains.


  • Technical features
    Cylinder Ø – length Ø 505 – 290mm
    Rotation speed 500 rpm
    Minimum chain size 0.18 mm
    Freezing time4 min
    Thawing time1 – 2 min
    Technical data
    Voltage (threephase) 400 V 50/60 Hz
    Power15 kW
    Compressed air 1 lt./min (dry) at 6 bar + 3 lt. Per work cycle
    Water supply50-60 lt./h at 2-4 bar and 16-24 °C
    Hardness 8-10 °F
    Dimensions130 x 96 x 200(h) cm – 1,540 kg
    packing158 x 134 x 215 (h) – 1,770 kg


    This unit is able to process all kinds of metal

  • Download Technical File