• Highly efficient Diode Fibre laser generator, using state of the art technology and solid
    state construction. The first truly no maintenance laser generator. Fully air cooled,
    without any :
     ancillary water cooling circuit,
     water pump
     water filters
     mirrors to align,
     lamps to replace
     moving parts
     consumables
    Max. nominal continuous soldering power of 150W (peak
    single burst power of 1500W) all with an electrical
    consumption of less than 700 W.
    Complete with high grade Optic Fibre cable
    Diode Laser soldering signifies high efficiency, low
    maintenance, reliability and ease of use.
    All functions controlled via mobile colour touchscreen.
    Unit can be mounted directly onto client machine or on
    transportable wheeled trolley.

  • Technical features
    Max average power150 W 
    Max peak power1500 W
    Wave length1070 nm
    Max. Energy16 J
    Impulse duration0.2 – 50 ms
    Delivery Fibre100 µ
    Technical data 
    Voltage (single phase)230 V 50/60 HZ 
    Power700 kW 
    CoolingAir flow 
    Dimensions29 x 42 x 77 (h) cm -76 kg 
    packing100 x 70 x 58 (h) cm – 98 kg 

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