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Ciemmeo and the world of jewel: let’s discover the next JAMIIE International Show

For us at Ciemmeo, attending jewellery world fairs allows us to present our machines and the technologies with which they have been developed. The next event we will have the pleasure of taking part in is the JAMIIE International Show.


The Jamiie International Show is organized by the company KNC, a business that has been operating since 2014 in the world of jewel as a company that organizes exhibitions with a global character both among the trade and with the end consumer. This event has been decreed as one of the largest jewels fairs in the world and, for us at Ciemmeo, it is a great opportunity to meet new customers and reunite with our already long-standing customers.

The event will take place in the distinctive setting of the Nesco Exhibition Center in Mumbai from 9th to 12nd February 2024 with exhibitors from key countries such as the U.S., U.K., Germany, Italy and Turkey.

Click here to visit the fair’s official website.

Ciemmeo and its Jewel Tour 2024

There are several fairs that we will attend this year, as a kind of jewel tour 2024 allow us to have a concrete relationship with industry professionals and forge relationships that would not be possible without these kinds of events.

In our jewel tour 2024 we will be present in STALL D12, from 9th to 12nd February at the second edition of the Jamiie international show in Mumbai, India. We will have the opportunity to present our entire catalogue with our range of jewelry manufacturing machinery and machines that to date are a flagship for the jewel world.

In the future, in our jewel tour 2024, we will also be present in:

  • METS Hong Kong
  • Istanbul Jewelry Show
  • Fiera Oro Arezzo

But of these other events we will make in-depth reports in the coming months.

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Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here for any questions or requests inherent to the world of jewel or click here to discover our catalogue with all Ciemmeo Machinery.

Ciemmeo at T.Gold Vicenzaoro Italy from 19th to 23rd January 2024

For Ciemmeo, attending trade fairs is an important time to meet customers or to present products and their features to possible buyers in the market. Let’s find out about the next industry fair T.Gold at Vicenzaoro Italy 2024!


Vicenzaoro Italy is one of the most important jewelry trade shows in the world and will take place at Fiera di Vicenza from 19th to 23rd January 2024. Concurrently with the international jewelry exhibition T.Gold will be held as a section dedicated to machines for jewelry development and creation and we at Ciemmeo will be present in booth 9-163 with our machinery.

The Vicenzaoro Italy international trade fair is therefore an opportunity not to be missed to discover the best of Made in Italy production and international excellence, both in terms of jewelry and machinery, with the possibility of having, at the fair, the major industries operating in the sector.

During the days of the Vicenzaoro Italy fair, all buyers will be able to discover all the latest in the world of jewelry with an exhibition itinerary organized into 6 macro-categories: casting, machining, prototyping and digital production, finishing, refining and recovery, tool-banks and materials.

Click here to discover the official website of Vicenzaoro Italy fair and get all the information.

Our contribution to T.Gold Vicenzaoro Italy with our jewelry making machine

As a company that specializes in the business of jewelry making machines, it is very important for us to participate in trade fairs throughout the year to better meet buyers and to keep innovative and up-to-date with the technologies on offer.

In this exhibition, we have the opportunity to present our jewelry making machines such as:

machinery for making chains such as rope, foxtail, fantasy, europe chains etc,…
machinery for spring rings and lobster clasps,…

As you can see at the fair, every part of the creation of a given piece of jewelry is relied on the precision, innovation and high technology of one or more particular Ciemmeo jewelry making machines. In fact, with our constant research and development we have constantly kept up to date with all the state-of-the-art technologies with improvements to develop each finished product to its highest expression and perfection.

Visit us at Vicenzaoro Italy fair to discover our entire machine catalogue, you can also already view it by clicking here.

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For Vicenzaoro Italy 2024 19th to 23rd January 2024, we will be present at hall 9 stand 163. Click here to ask for more information about the fair or our products.

Precision jewellers to make high quality products thanks to CIEMMEO machinery

One of the most important aspects in the art of designing, processing and creating jewellery is the precision jewellers and a real help in this aspect can be provided by using the best jewellery machines on the market. Let’s see how precision jewellers can best be expressed with CIEMMEO products!

At CIEMMEO we manufacture jewellery machinery based on the requirements of each individual customer in order to develop products that follow a high-level production process where the precision jewellers is improve with the support of the best technological machines.

Another aspect that best enhances the choice of CIEMMEO products is the constant support to the customer at all stages of the sales but also after sales with different types of customer assistance that permit the best understanding of each machine and its potential depending on the jewellery to be made. It is the constant assistance that allows the customer to explore the world of precious metals, creating unique and perfect products that are the result of best machinery and precision jewellers.

World of Jewelry: the best CIEMMEO machines to have

Therefore, in the world of jewellery, every detail must be studied down to the smallest detail, which is why we have different machines that are used depending on the product to be made, for example:

  • machinery for locks that are divided into different types depending on whether they are lobster clasps or spring rings
  • machinery for making chains like Rope chain, Europe chain, cup chain or the most compact chains, with inserts and customisation
  • locks where the creation process involves absolute precision to make each product perfect and safe for world of jewellery

As a company in the world of jewellery, we offer a whole range of machinery to develop every single element of a piece of jewellery, click here to view our complete catalogue and click here to follow us on Linkedin and discover all the trade fairs we attend.

Why don’t you discover all CIEMMEO products?

At CIEMMEO we make and design standard and customised jewellery machines according to customer requirements in order to bring out the best precision jewellery possible and precious materials, click here to contact us and request more information.

CIEMMEO at the fair: India International Jewellery Show from 4th to 8th August 2023

For CIEMMEO, relationships with our customers are very important and one of the places that best accommodate meeting with “insiders” are trade shows. Therefore, next August we will be at the India International Jewellery Show “IIJS Premiere Show 2023” which will take place from 4th to 8th August 2023, in Mumbai. Let’s find out more about this fair.


The India International Jewellery Show “IIJS Premiere Show 2023” is one of the world’s largest jewelry fairs, organized by GJEPC India and it will take place at the prestigious Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai. There will be 1850 exhibitors, 3250 booths and visitors are expected from more than 80 countries for a fair with a global character on both the visitor and exhibitor side.

The stars of this fair will be machinery from around the world with a large participation of Italian machinery companies:

In addition to the display of the best raw material, there will be multiple workshops and educational facilities that will allow people to learn more about production processes through the participation of international companies. CIEMMEO will be present at this India International Jewellery Show as one of the companies showcasing the latest generation of jewelry making machinery with a team of experts who will be ready to respond to any need.

Find out more information about the fair, click here to visit the official website.

The importance of trade shows for jewel industries

This India International Jewellery Show has a very important role in the business for jewel industries, also for CIEMMEO is fundamental because in this way it has the opportunity to maintain a continuous relationship with customers from all over the world and to meet new potential customers, all in one place and event.

Although digital has taken over in recent decades and many business contacts can be handled at a distance, being able to meet people and touch business realities gives the opportunity to develop a human aspect that would not be possible with technology alone.

This relationship also includes the luxury and jewelry world at the forefront, and even today, many jewel industries participate in trade shows and events to keep this human connection alive. And so, this explains CIEMMEO’s pleasure in participating in these fairs as well as the number of 1850 exhibitors and more general jewel industries that choose to participate in trade fairs.

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Therefore, we will be present at the fair from 4th to 8th August 2023 in Mumbai, pavilion 7W and stand 725C. Click here to request any information about the exhibition or to learn more about our products.


Striving for perfection: Ciemmeo introduces a new quality control process in jewelry making

At Ciemmeo, always striving for perfection, we recently upgraded our quality control procedures to have the possibility to work with the highest precision. Let’s discover our new Zeiss O-Inspect high precision measurement bench.

The technology of Zeiss O-Inspect permits to reach micrometric precision of 0.0001 mm in 3D thanks to laser and touch technology, coupled with state-of-the-art software ensuring the highest precision in production.

This multi-sensor measuring machine is able to optimally measure each characteristic in compliance with ISO-10360 optically or by contact. The process of striving for perfection is realized through:

  • large visual field with high image definition
  • quick and precise 3D tactile measurements
  • optical measurements for sensitive surfaces
  • increased reliability in less time

There are 2 important parts of this machine that are made with the focus on striving for perfection:

  • the lens employed provides 4 times greater field of view and excellent image definition even in peripheral areas;
  • the lighting system allows for extremely versatile illumination of surface shapes, textures and colours, so that edges are sharp and different angles of incidence can be worked on.

Click here to discover the Zeiss O-Inspect technology.

The importance of choosing the correct machine for chain production

At Ciemmeo the entire production is focused on designing and building the perfect machine for the task required following the customer’s requirements, providing products with a flexible approach and a simple use.

In relation to the supply of the optimal machine to make jewelry, Ciemmeo also has a team of engineers that can train customers on the various equipment and production processes.

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Ciemmeo manufactures and supplies high-tech machinery for the production of the highest quality jewelry with the goal of striving for perfection. Contact us here to request more information.


Exploring the Different Types of Chains in Jewelry

This article explores the various types of chains used in jewelry making, including rope chains, european chains, cup chains, bead chains and foxtail chains. It provides an overview of the characteristics and design of each type of chain, and highlights their common uses.

The article also offers tips on how to choose the right jewelry making machine for your jewelry project.

There are countless types of chains available in the world of jewelry making, each with its own unique characteristics and design.

Rope Chain

 A rope chain in jewelry is a type of chain that is made up of small links that are assembled together to resemble a rope. The links are round in shape and are typically connected in a uniform pattern. Rope chains have a unique texture and are known for their timeless beauty. They are often used in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They can be worn by both men and women, and are available in a variety of thicknesses.

Ciemmeo solutions



Europe Chain

The Europe chain in jewelry is a type of chain that is made up of small, interlocking rings. The rings are round shaped and are connected to each other in a specific pattern, creating a chain that is strong, durable, and flexible. Europe chains are commonly used in necklaces, bracelets, and anklets and are often made of gold, silver or other precious metals. The chain is often used as a base for pendants or other decorative elements to be added to it.

Ciemmeo solutions



Cup Chain / Tennis Chain

A Cup Chain is composed of small metal cups that are linked together to form a chain. The cups can are filled with crystals, or diamonds, and can be used to add sparkle and embellishment to jewelry designs. Cup chains are commonly used in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, and are a popular choice for costume and fashion jewelry. They can also be used in other applications such as garments, bags and shoes.

Ciemmeo solutions



Foxtail chain

A traditional Foxtail chain is characterized by its small, tightly-linked rings that resemble the tail of a fox. It is made up of very small punched links that are coupled together, creating a chain. The punching of the links out of a strip however, create approx.. 50% or more of scrap which needs to be recycled.

The Ciemmeo Foxtail chain however is made from wire links which do not create any scrap whatsoever. The Foxtail chain is often used in fine jewelry, as it is more delicate and elegant than other types of chains. Foxtail chains are also commonly used in watchbands and other small mechanical applications that require a strong, flexible chain.


Ciemmeo solutions



Beads Chain

 Bead chains are another popular chain. They are made up of small, round beads that are connected in a uniform pattern. They are known for their delicate and dainty appearance, and are often used in necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They can be worn by both men and women and come in various thicknesses.

Ciemmeo solutions




Curb chains, cable chains, box chains, and ball chains are other examples of the various types of chains existing.

With our advanced machinery, even basic chains can be transformed into unique and exciting designs.

Explore all Ciemmeo solutions


Ciemmeo is the right partner for your jewelry making projects

In conclusion, there are many different types of chains available in the world of jewelry making, each with its own unique characteristics and design. Whether you are looking for a strong and durable chain, or a delicate and dainty one, our jewelry-making machines can meet your needs.

With so many options to choose from, it’s not easy to find the perfect chain for your next jewelry project, that’s why Ciemmeo assists you in choosing and configuring the best jewelry production solution, a partner with years of experience to rely on.

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Ciemmeo at TGold VicenzaOro 2023 – Visit our stand

From 20 to 24 January 2023 VicenzaOro returns. The worldwide international reference event in Europe for the entire supply chain of the Jewellery industry.

This year again, Ciemmeo will be present in its stand n.163 in hall 9, in the “TGold“ pavilion, dedicated to cutting-edge technology at the service of the goldsmith industry.

What is VicenzaOro and why Ciemmeo renews its participation every year

VicenzaOro, for over 30 years, has been bringing together the most complete panorama of innovations in the jewellery sector and for goldsmith production and processing. It is a huge exhibition of the top players in the manufacturing of precious metals and stones.

The strong presence of Made in Italy excellence and the best international proposals in fact represents the best opportunity for jewellery companies to choose their supply chain among the most established players and adopt the most innovative technological solutions to increase their competitiveness.

This is why Ciemmeo cannot miss an edition: the deep knowledge of the goldsmith field allows Ciemmeo to be among the leaders in the world of suppliers of jewellery making machines.

TGold, technologies and innovations for goldsmith companies

T.Gold is the international show dedicated to the most innovative technologies and machinery applied to jewellery and precious metal, it will be staged at the same time as VicenzaOro. The TGold area is specifically for sector operators and buyers (b2b) and it offers the chance to connect ideas and projects to technologies, whose innovations now involve every level of the manufacturing process.

Come and meet us at the fair, Ciemmeo is waiting for you!

 Come to VicenzaOro TGold, we wait for you at stand 163 in hall 9 of the TGold section. Our team will show you in detail our catalogue of machinery dedicated to the goldsmith world.

 Contact us to learn more

Download our catalogue

Visit VicenzaOro website

VicenzaOro International Community Event |12- 14 September

Ciemmeo invites you to participate at VicenzaOro Exhibition – T.Gold
You will be able to reach us at Hall. 2, Booth n. 175
In this special occasion we will expose the latest innovations applied to our SRM machines.
Visit Ciemmeo@TGold for further information.

Istanbul Jewelry Show – 19-22 March 2020

Ciemmeo invites you to participate at Istanbul Jewelry Show.

Meet us at CNR Expo, Istanbul Fair Center, Hall 5 Booth 5E67

Take a look at our best solutions for CNC goldsmith machines:

HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show – 18-22 May 2020

Ciemmeo will participate as an exhibitor at Hong Kong International Jewellery Show.

Meet us at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Booth N. CEC 5B-D15

In this occasion we will feature the Single Rope Chain Machine (SRM), our fully automated and compact machine able to produce Rope Chain from 0.30 to 1.20 mm wire.